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  • The membership of Shri Guru Ravidass Trust (Regd.) Reru is open to any individual over 18, subject to approval by the trustees.

  • Interested individuals must contact the trust's General Secretary to obtain an application form to apply for membership.

  • Membership will not be transferable to anyone else.

  • The trustees reserves the right to refuse an application without reason.

  • A member of the trust will pay the annual fee due on the date of joining and thereafter every year on the renewal date.

    • Membership Fee for Indian Citizens - Rs. 200/-

    • Membership Fee for Non Resident Indians - GBP 10/-

  • Rules of membership can be obtained from the General Secretary along with application form.

  • All members will attend annual general meetings or special meetings as organized by the charity and exercise their right to vote on resolutions (if any).

    • P.S. Non Resident Indians are exempt from special & annual meetings.

  • All members will take an active participation in the trust's activities to assist achieving it's objectives.


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