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The hope of all nations lies in future generations. Schools are the most important institution in a society to guide young generation to become productive citizens. We, as important members of society have an opportunity to touch the lives of such young people in the most positive way.
Education, a basic human right provides children and young people with the skills they need to ensure they have productive and healthy futures. However, many of India's children are denied this most fundamental right. Due to poverty & lack of infrastructure around 500 primary school aged children in our village alone (30 million nationally) are currently not in school and many more only attend regularly.
Street children in India are often exploited and abused. The situation can be even worse for children who are Dalits, SC/BC under the caste system.
Our School projects will offer education / healthcare to these children. We hope to work with the government, police and other schools to prevent this happening in the first place.
School Plan: -
  • Building a new school with trained teachers to provide educational supplies and supplying children with nutrious school meals.

  • To provide formal education at a very nominal cost within the reach of a common person.

  • Financial assistance will be given to some bright & needy students.

  • Keep our staff & teachers updated.

  • Teachers participate actively in seminars & workshops arranged by other educational institutions.

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