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Santa Kutia is an area adjacent to the village on the main Amritsar Bye Pass which was originally used as a rubbish tip for the people of Reru village. It belongs to the village community.
The trust started the project of Shri Guru Ravidass Public School along with Shri Guru Ravidass Mandir on 11th day of August 2006. The estimated project cost is more than rupees two crore & is still in the initial stage of development. Total amount spent so far is rupees 18 Lac.
Initially there were a lot of false promises from the NRI Community to give back something to the poor Ravidassia Community they left behind all there years ago, absolutely nothing materialized due to lack of trust.
This is a new & modernized trust with full accountability, full feedback.
Below you can see a model of the school and Mandir (not to scale) along with a few photographs of the progress so far.
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