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Shri Guru Ravidass Trust (Regd.) Reru is a charitable organization deeply committed to the development of children, youth, women and the aged of Ravidassia Community. In the year 1966 the trust came into existence under title Shri Guru Ravidass Naujawan Sabha and in 1998 Shri Guru Ravidass Trust (Regd.) Reru was established and duly registered with The Sub-Registrar of Jalandhar District bearing document number: 1519 Dated: 14/05/1998.
The main objective of the trust is to alleviate people from poverty and make a difference in the life of the under privileged section of our society. We hope to help those most in need and those in financial hardship. We promote religion, racial equality and harmony.
We Are Working For: -
  • Advancement of Education & Religion, Relief of Poverty.

  • Advancement of Health, Culture, Sports, Heritage Sciences, Animal Welfare.

  • Advancement of Citizenship, Community Development.

  • Advancement of Human Rights, Conflict Resolution.

  • Help the poor to enjoy self-reliance with dignity.

  • Assist individuals to develop a safe and caring community.

  • Combating Community Deterioration and Juvenile Delinquency.

  • Lessening of neighborhood tensions.

Our aim is to make a difference in the life of under privileged section of the Ravidassia Community understanding the social & economic pressures of "Village" life.
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